Illuminating Concepts is a full service lighting and multi-media design firm that specializes in the creation of memorable environments worldwide. Since 1981, our core business has existed in the design and implementation of award winning lighting systems for architectural, retail and environmental applications.

ICís designers consistently develop creative, yet practical techniques that enhance environments while providing simple maintenance & control solutions for the end user. IC has grown to become one of the largest most experienced lighting & multi-media design firms in the world.

Our range of experience and project based knowledge has facilitated the evolution of our services to include the development of entertainment strategies that incorporate and synchronize multiple sensory elements (audio systems, water and interactive features, digital media / projection, special effects and all encompassing control systems).


    Architectural, Theatrical, Environmental, Historical, Civic & Urban
    Conceptual, Rendering, Animation
    Conference Centers, Digital Media
    Architectural, Performance
    Cost Analysis, Warehousing, Shipping
    Active System Diagnostics


  • Interior Designers
  • Architectural Designers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Legislative & Legal Counsel
  • Industrial Designers
  • Theatrical Designers
  • Software & Code Developers
  • Dimming & Controls Experts
  • Project Managers
  • LEED & Energy Code Experts
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Animators & Renderers
  • Network Specialists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Artists

ICís collaborative process begins with a kick-off meeting with the architectural and design teams to gain a detailed understanding of the project team composition, design direction, goals and aspirations. IC utilizes this information as the basis for our in-house team charrette sessions to develop appropriate project-wide lighting and multimedia concepts. These concepts are illustrated by our visualization studio utilizing existing renderings & animations or produced in-house and presented to the project design team for approval.

IC has Project management professionals (PMP) on staff to oversee and facilitate project planning. All IC work is done in house to ensure accurate integration of lighting and mulitmedia into the overall design. For example, while our design team is exploring concepts and site conditions our production department will be setting up drawings and developing project standards. At an early stage, ICís Systems Designand Integration Department (SDI) will be examining all current control methodologies and strategies to allow for smooth integration with pertinent requirements. Throughout our 30 year history, IC consistently develops control systems that centralize the command of all lighting and multimedia for our projects.

Our pragmatic work ethos is centered on delivering durable & creative designs that wherever possible utilize simple methods to achieve the greatest impact. Within ICís facility we have multiple fully fitted workshops, mock up and test areas that allow for complete validation of all design solutions, which in turn can be shipped to the site for review in situ by the project teams. This quick turn around testing approach has proved invaluable in validating design solutions prior to construction.

ICID works with the worldís leading lighting and electronics companies, helping them to visualize, design, prototype and bring to market meaningful lighting products and services. With an interdisciplinary core team of designers, strategists, and software engineers, ICID delivers product solutions that fulfill needs within the industry.

ICID works across a broad spectrum of the lighting and audio visual industry, including architectural lighting, theatrical and stage, multimedia applications, energy efficiency and sustainable technologies.

Intellistreets opens a completely new opportunity for sustainability, security, & entertainment. The system is a single, low cost scalable network on one Common Operating Platform. The entire system communicates wirelessly through multi-patented technologies. Utilizing existing power infrastructure, Intellistreets processors facilitate full multi-media and unique environmental analysis for urban areas, campuses, waterfronts, borders, Federal buildings and stadia. Achieves a 70% lighting energy reduction. Extends lamp life to 10 years and beyond.

Lower maintenance cost through self diagnostics. Homeland Security features are embedded in the system. Mass notification, emergency evacuation routing, emergency call stations, CBRNE attack notification, visual analysis and digital signage. This development tool for ďPlace MakingĒ creates an immersion experience for college campuses, parks, retail shopping districts, stadia and convention centers. The systems processors provide background music, public announcements, and digital messaging.

Energy savings, including self-diagnosing maintenance, LED lamp life extension and decreased operational expenses makes Intellistreets a value proposition. Incorporating potential revenue streams, such as advertising, makes Intellistreets the most cost-effective infrastructure improvement on the market.

For 30 years, Illuminating Conceptsí procurement team has maintained, protected and ensured clientsí interests throughout the procurement and installation process. ICís proven relationships and methodologies reduce risk, motivate cost savings and ensure proper design requirements are being delivered per the established design documentation. The IC team provides real-time budget analysis of the design as it moves through the development and bidding process.

A direct relationship between ICís design and procurement teams allows for close monitoring of project costs and product specifications. The IC procurement team is able to continually validate pricing, check availability of specifications and facilitate overall budget reviews through all phases of the design. Sourcing, warranty and maintainability are critically analyzed prior to finalizing all specifications.

The IC procurement department provides a single source location for owners and contractors to obtain every fixture as designed for the project. This streamlined approach means less coordination time in the field and ensures the intent of design is met. Unlike typical warehouse style distribution, the IC procurement team has full time electrical contractors and engineers to ensure field coordination and support throughout the logistics and installation of a project.

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